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Alder in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Alder in a dream is a positive sign, portends joy and happiness under the roof of the dreamer. Most of the undertakings that you will start soon will be successful. Alder is a symbol of family ties, it also foreshadows a meeting with a distant relative who will soon bring happy news.
    Seeing an alder in a dream heralds the advent of good times, your well-being will improve significantly due to the message you will receive soon.
    When you dream of a withered or dead alder, it is a sign that you will be in grief after the loss of a loved one.
    When you cut an alder in a dream, then you can expect unpleasant perturbations in your life related to your spiritual life.
    In dreams, alder is considered a tree that was historically associated with several deities. It symbolizes spiritual release, trust, determination and protection. It is a tree that grows on the border between land and water, gives positive energy and brings relief and relaxation in mental work.

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