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    Heart in a dream is a symbol of truth and courage as well as love and romance. It is also a sign of trust and peace. Very often it is an expression of our state of soul. A dream shows us how to deal with your own feelings in life and how to express them Perhaps you have recently met someone, fell in love or decided to take some steps in the matters of cheese (marriage, marriage, etc.). A dream about the heart may also indicate health problems that bother us every day, while his appearance reflects our attitude to life, inner state of mind and mental condition.
    to see the heart - you will be gifted with great love by a person you care about
    red heart - the romantic adventure will end very successfully for both sides
    bloody heart - the dream represents despair, sadness and compassion; a loved one will ignore you
    cut open or hurt them - a breakup will leave a stain on your heart
    eat the animal's heart - someone will reciprocate your feelings and will unexpectedly confess love to you
    a beating heart - if you want to conquer someone's heart, you must show your hot temper and go-ahead
    wounded heart - numerous life concerns will make you fall out of circulation in your social life for a long time
    to have heart surgery - soon you will embark on a long journey that will bring you a lot of new experiences and teach you a lot
    transplanted heart - very risky changes in your personal life are ahead that will completely change its course
    to hold your heart in your hand - someone wants your love and attention like never before
    winged heart - a dream symbolizes the power of love that will overcome all difficulties placed on your way
    have a heart attack - you will be unfairly criticized by your loved ones
    to see a heart attack in others - you will be tormented by reproaches conscience or you will feel the fear of losing a loved one
    have heart disease - you will eventually start working hard not to stand still and achieve your life goals.

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