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Cloak in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A cloak that appears in a dream is a sign of a desire to hide from the world or an expression of fear that someone will reveal us. A dream about a cloak is also an expression of our protective side of nature.
    to see the new - make better use of the opportunities you get from life
    start a new one - the dream portends an improvement in conditions of life
    old coat - you will have a feeling of helplessness in your life or you will have to face troublesome problems
    take off your old coat - you will find the relief so long awaited
    correct it or iron it - you will complicate your mind so that it will be difficult for you to untie it later
    see someone in a coat - watch out for sneaky people who might approach you before you notice it
    wear someone else's coat - you probably want the support of the coat owner
    see some coats - you will find yourself in a confusing situation
    fur coat - indicates the need to be admired by someone, you most likely like to be in the center of events
    to see the coat raincoat - you will try to isolate yourself from your thoughts and emotions
    wear a raincoat - a dream promises unpleasantness and poor prospects for the future.

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