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Greyhound in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

A greyhound seen in a dream symbolizes decisiveness and persistence in pursuit of a goal. According to the dream book, you are a person who knows what he wants, and who owes everything he achieves to his hard work. This attitude makes you stand out among those around you. In another sense, a dream about a greyhound augurs a quick realization of intentions related to a planned project.

Greyhound race

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Greyhound?

Bringing out a greyhound in a dream indicates the need for closeness. Perhaps you have been single for a long time or your relationship is already only theoretical. Everything indicates that you should open yourself to new acquaintances.

A dream about running away from a greyhound warns against a too carefree approach to life. Perhaps up to now, your attitude has worked, but in moments of crisis, you can bring huge problems to yourself.

Buying a greyhound means that you will use someone else's achievements for your benefit. However, it will take a long time before you succeed in doing so. It is also possible that such an attitude will not please others, which will bring you many new enemies.

A dream about selling a greyhound indicates exhaustion and a lot of stress in everyday life. You probably feel overwhelmed by typical problems and feel like you are on the wane. Take care to relax and rest for a while, as only with an open and fresh mind will you be able to solve your problems.

Giving someone a greyhound means that you are lying to yourself. Perhaps it's about your professional situation or your emotional life. You'd better finally stop fooling yourself into thinking that things will change and start taking action. This is the only way you can move forward.

Adopting a greyhound means that you will suspiciously achieve your goal. You may find that with honest work you are not able to achieve anything and only by bending the rules are you able to achieve what you want.

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