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Glitter in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Glitter in a dream is a promise of a happy and adventurous life, symbolizes charm and happiness, fame and splendor. In reference to the Bible, it can symbolize the Star of Bethlehem, it can also mean the appearance of a beautiful and very friendly person in the dreamer's life. The dream is also a suggestion to be more social in life.

if you see glitter - you want to regain the former glow that you once lost; it's time to spread your wings and take advantage of some life chances

sticky glitter - means people will rely on you a lot

makeup with glitter - if you stop respecting the generally accepted rules, you will lose the recognition of other people, crossing borders may not appeal to everyone

glitter in your hair - heralds that someone will come to you with good news

glitter on the cheeks - there is a sign of a new beginning and a lot of fun

glitter nail polish - a sign that your life will shine even more than before

silver glitter - it's a sign that others will look for some advice from you

gold glitter - don't be fooled by what you see outside, the inside is also important

colorful glitter - means that you will be in the spotlight or someone will try to draw their attention to you

glitter dress - symbolizes excitement and great happiness in the dreamer's life.

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