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Canopy in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The canopy is associated with celebration, a happy family life and good times. This is usually a positive omen for the dreamer, in the interpretation of which emphasizes happiness in the face of numerous and seemingly insurmountable adversities. The canopy in a dream symbolizes protection, it can also mean the desire to constantly be in the center of attention.
    When you dream that you are under a canopy and the sun is shining around, then it is a sign that you are hiding your true feelings from the world, that you feel lonely and that you may not even have anyone to talk to about it. It is best if you look around you and open up again to the people who have always been there unconditionally.
    If in a dream you are under a canopy and it is raining, it means that you are trying to rediscover your own identity, you also want to find out who your friends are. You want to finally settle down and find people who will always be with you.
    Losing your canopy in your dream is a sign of life insecurity. You are probably worried that because you are too open-minded, people will start to judge you too quickly and inaccurately.
    Hiding under a canopy means that you should not interfere without a clear need in the course of action, in which you are not the main character, because interfering in other people's affairs can become a cause of fear and withdrawal.
    If you are building a canopy in a dream, then, probably, you will soon undertake risky ventures that will bring you many benefits. Finally, you will find yourself in the spotlight and no longer play a secondary role.
    When you feel safe under the canopy, it is a sign that you will finally find your true oasis, where you will build a comfortable place to live.
    A large canopy usually means you will incur large expenses which will make you highly respected.
    If you are carrying a canopy then your dream is a warning to watch out for people who may want to take advantage of you. Think about which relationships are beneficial to you and which can get you into unpleasant situations and trouble.

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