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Foundling in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

A dream about a foundling usually has a negative meaning and most often it is an expression of fear of loneliness or abandonment. In some situations, dream also means fear of injustice. The foundling in dreams is also an expression of longing for real family life, having a safe haven and closeness to other people. It can be a sign of remorse for wasted moments in life, regret and disappointment also in love.

What does it mean to dream about FOUNDLING?

Seeing a foundling in a dream portends infidelity in a relationship. It is likely that you or your partner will be tempted to commit adultery. Instead of indulging in short-term pleasure, you should rather think about the effects and the damage done.

A dream in which you are the founder means that you feel rejected for some reason. Most often it is related to the breakup and your lack of acceptance of the situation. Even though a long time has passed, you still cannot take a step forward.

Caring for a foundling means in a dream that someone will misread your intentions. Although you often help others and you always put someone's needs ahead of your own, a certain person will attack you and put you in an awkward situation.

The dream of the foundling beating symbolizes shame. You will probably treat someone upfront regardless of their feelings, and you may feel guilty later on.

Adopting a foundling in a dream is a symbol of sensitivity and humanity. It is possible that in the near future you will give someone selfless help or give a large donation to charity. Not that this has not happened to you before, but simply an event will grab your heart and become an impulse for you to take further action. Dream is also a reminder to remember that what may seem small to us, may save others' lives, or at least significantly improve them.

Feeding a foundling reflects a sense of loneliness in dreams. If you are not currently in a relationship, these feelings are quite natural and may mean that you simply lack closeness to another person. However, if you are in a partner relationship, such a dream portends that your mutual relationship is in for a crisis. Therefore, consider whether it is worthwhile to honestly talk to your partner about your own needs and what worries you the most.

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