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Amber in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Amber in dreams is a symbol of solar, spiritual and divine attention, as well as courage, fertility and healing. Due to its color, warmth and some properties, amber has long been considered a magical symbol. It is said to increase physical vitality and heal diseases, and amber charms are often used to ward off evil spells. It also represents moments of joy that we have lost in our lives through our own fault.

If you see an amber in a dream, means that you will begin to enjoy forbidden amusements.

Seeing a fish, a frog or a rabbit made of amber in a dream portends the birth of numerous offspring in a very happy household.

An amber necklace is a sign that you will meet a man who will help you make the right choice in your life.

Amber color in a dream means that a certain event will give you wings, you will feel a surge of self-confidence and additional motivation to act.

An insect embedded in amber represents a problem or an unpleasant situation that you want to displace from your memory and that will never happen again.

In dreams, the amber stone refers to the healing properties it possesses, and is a harbinger of healing from a disease.

If you find amber in a dream, your dreams and ambitions will make the future brighter for you, you will also start to make the right choices in life.

Dream of broken amber means that you feel internally torn between two issues and still wonder what choice to make. Don't worry as the solution will soon follow.

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