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Forum in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The forum theme in a dream announces making many interesting acquaintances, but also breaking old friendships. The reason for this may be solving many issues at once and speaking out on a number of controversial topics in the forum. So you better beware of gossip and stay away from marauders and others who may be contributing to the destruction of your relationships with loved ones. Sleep also foretells a lot of surprises, and not necessarily the pleasant ones. Therefore, act prudently but firmly and your life will be peaceful and harmonious for sure.
    If you comment on the forum, many interesting social meetings are waiting for you in the near future, thanks to which you will receive an interesting proposal. However, it will be better for you to wait for the development of events and calmly consider whether it is worth taking advantage of it.
    The forum administrator is a sign that maintaining diplomatic silence will eventually work in your favor, you will not do much alone, so it will be best if you ask others for cooperation.
    Reading the statements of other users on the forum in a dream tells you that you will hear bitter words about yourself, but there will be a lot of truth in them, although it can hurt you a lot. Watch out for rumors as they will now become your Achilles' heel.
    If you create a forum, then you will have to be very careful about your words so as not to offend a loved one. A sensitive family topic can divide you for a long time.
    Logging in to the forum is a sign that a certain person will try to drag you to his side, if you receive an offer of mutual cooperation from him, better not be guided by emotions, but think everything over again.

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