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    The urn in a dream reflects our ability to adapt to life in society, our deeply ingrained will to act, and the desire to help the local community. Spiritually, the urn symbolizes such features like sensitivity and openness to the world.
    view of the ballot box - heralds an unpleasant event in your life
    ballot box - you will learn an important lesson from life
    urn with ashes - you want to free yourself from people who have a negative impact on your life or free yourself from having any obligations
    urn with your own ashes - you will start to feel satisfaction with your life so far
    destroying the urn - it is a sign that you succumb too quickly
    throwing something into the urn - means that you will find yourself in an ambiguous situation
    if you see a large number of urns with ashes - a dream refers to your past or feelings that are long gone
    wooden - it is a positive omen, foreshadowing additional profits
    porcelain - you will soon have to face an embarrassing situation
    full - a dream foretells moments of happiness
    empty - it is a sign that you pay too little attention to your family and loved ones.
    if you bury the urn - a dream foreshadows a long and prosperous life.

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