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Forsythia in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Forsythia is a flower which in dreams is a symbol of beauty, expectation and praise for the perfection of the beauty of the surrounding nature. It is a harbinger of many struggles that the dreamer will have to deal with on his way. According to Victorian flower symbolism, forsythia has only one meaning - it is associated with expectation. Perhaps you are waiting for some important event in your life, you miss contact with your loved ones or you slowly come to the conclusion that it is no longer worth being offended by the whole world. The white forsythia is a symbol of credulity, while the pink symbol of unfulfilled desires.
    Breaking forsythia suggests that the lack of reflection on one's own immoral behavior may become the cause of the instability of views related to the vision of the world around us as well as one's own spiritual development. Remember that your worldview may not be positively received by your loved ones. Dream is also an expression of impatience that can lead the dreamer to a losing battle.
    Wilted forsythia usually means a need to calm down from distracting feelings and emotions that may contribute to the lack of mutual dialogue with people who have long been close to you. Try not to go any further towards the fight for your own interests, because you may unknowingly harm yourself.
    Planting forsythia is a sign that you have a long wait ahead of you, which will require angelic patience and a lot of analysis. Sometimes it is good to show your human face to others to implement your plans without major obstacles.
    Dreaming of forsythia lying under the snow is a sign that you will take certain steps that will be far too early. Remember that lack of knowledge on a given topic and prematurely making wrong decisions can cost you a lot in the long run.
    If you see a forsythia hedge, then the dream is an expression of a vision of an orderly life full of harmony and happiness. Be careful, because a secret person is trying to pull the strings on your behalf.
    If you smell it, it means that the happiness you have been waiting for will come into your life for a long time. Finally, there is a moment of respite before you, you will have time to finish overdue and less urgent matters.

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