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    The appearance of a corpse in a dream most often symbolizes regret, nostalgia, parting or a lack of sincerity in love. The dream also foreshadows a change that may be represented by one aspect Our personality can also reflect loss or a sense of failure. According to many old dream books, a corpse also portends bad luck or indicates poor health.
    to see your own corpse - you will undergo an internal change
    the delay of a family member - the dream represents problems in family relationships
    the delay of the partner - the loved one will not be able to keep the promises made to you
    corpse of somebody's child - someone will disturb your peace
    corpse of someone we don't know - be careful, because some person gradually loses your self-confidence
    headless corpse - sleep is a warning against enemies who surround you from everywhere
    talking to the corpse - reflects your many fears and fears
    touch them - you have to endure a lot in life before your fate changes
    try to hide the corpse - you will try to hide some information from your past from someone, change your mind depending on the situation or the group of people you are currently among
    bury the corpse - you will want to erase undesirable matters from your life once and for all or you will shirk some responsibility, in a positive sense, a dream may mean that you will get rid of old and bad habits
    dancing corpse - you will be hiding behind false promises
    embalmed - you will get good news from far away
    rotting corpse - you will start to be in the circle of bad people
    smell them - a dream suggests that you should start fight your phobias
    dress them - it is an exhortation to start fighting with your weaknesses and, above all, your own daring and jealousy
    dressed corpse in black - you will try to save any investment or business venture at all costs
    see a lot - you should stop clinging to the past and accept the changes taking place in your life
    lying on the street - sleep indicates lack of development - remember that whoever does not develop in life begins to regress
    swollen, lying in the water - you feel burned out and exhausted, you should think about your mental health and look for a balance between work and family life
    to see in the grave - the dream announces a breakup
    see in the coffin - in the most important moments of your life, happiness will not leave you
    keep them at home - you will gain material benefits
    keep them in the garden - try to clean up disturbed family relationships.

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