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Fashion in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Fashion in a dream is a manifestation of a departure from the traditional vision of perceiving the world, it also means a lack of interest in family life. A dream foreshadows commercial prosperity and a turbulent life, it is also a warning against making unnecessary mistakes in life. Your imaginary dreams about the future may turn out to be unrealistic after you have to learn to reconcile conflicting interests with financial gain.
    If you work in fashion, then a dream foreshadows that you will experience a change in your life, thanks to which you will start to be perceived differently by your immediate surroundings.
    If you buy fashionable clothes in a store, it means that you have too high expectations of yourself, which may mean that you stop enjoying life over time.
    A fashionable watch, clothes or jewelry in a dream are a sign of a desire to start all the difficult stages in life anew.
    A dream about a fashionable handbag is usually an omen of the impending financial difficulties in the dreamer's life.
    A man dreaming about fashion is an expression of a desire to establish deeper relationships with a person of a weaker nature.
    A woman dreaming of fashion is a sign that, unfortunately, you will stray from the right path that you have been following for a long time. You will place the responsibility for shaping your own life on the person who advised you on many issues in your life.
    When you dream that you are a fashion designer, it is a sign that your efforts and hard work will ultimately be rewarded.
    If you dream that you have something unfashionable, it means that constantly caring only about yourself can make you start hurting everyone around you.

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