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Camouflage in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The camouflage in the symbolism of dreams expresses a judgment that weighs heavily on the person who dreams about it. It's finally time to get rid of unnecessary barriers.
    something disguised - you will start surrounding yourself with false people, it is best if you get rid of unhealthy relationships in your life in time
    distinctive camouflage - a sign that you will become a great example for your colleagues, everyone will start to admire your skills
    brightly colored camouflage - you will turn your negative experiences into personal success.
    camouflage people - indicate a fear of evaluating yourself and comparing yourself with others
    camouflaged object - may mean fear of discovering something that you have been afraid of for a long time
    poor camouflage - if you continue to share your feelings with all, people will start to see you as a weak and vulnerable person
    feeling the need to hide behind camouflage - you want to hide from world, you may have trouble living with large groups of people
    wearing camouflage - means you will help many people by sharing interesting insights with them
    camouflaging - a sign that you are hiding your true feelings
    when you see someone who is camouflaging - you want to blend in with the background and be unnoticed by others
    loss of camouflage - shows that you feel good in your own skin, remember that hiding your personality and image can make people stop trusting you completely
    if you stop having it - you will finally come out of hiding and enjoy the respect of others.

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