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    Falling sleep is a sign of minor setbacks in life that can turn into problems of greater magnitude. Constantly striving for the ideal can lead you to extreme exhaustion. You will be very disappointed by a person, but it will not be too much of a surprise, because this will not be the first time. Falling asleep in a negative sense is a symbol of depression, overwork and sometimes suicidal thoughts.
    fall from a height - a dream foretells the loss of honor through your own fault
    falling off the slope - you are in great danger, better protect yourself in time so as not to fall into a whirlwind of failures
    fall on an item - you will gain valuable information that will help you gain an advantage over your rivals
    fall into the abyss strong> - although you will triumph in front of someone, this state will quickly pass, because the person who has de a positive sentence is not constant in feelings
    fall from the roof - for now, the best choice will be not to make any decisions
    down the stairs - you will get an interesting proposal that will make you face a difficult choice
    fall into the ditch - people will have a bad opinion of you
    fall into the well - someone will bring you down to the ground, thanks to which you will finally shake off the long lethargy
    fall slowly - you will start to experience social problems
    fall quickly - you will renew your old contacts, thanks to which you will return to the old tracks
    fall from above - no obstacles will be scary since you start planning everything yourself
    to see someone fall from a height - you will expose someone's evil plan.

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