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Arrest in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream of being arrested is a sign of rather disturbing events, it indicates forced changes in your life and acts that may deprive you of your liberty. Be careful as other people's behavior may have a bad influence on you. Dream can also be an expression of a sense of resentment and injustice in life. You will begin to resist introducing changes that someone has been trying to force on you for a long time. Only your willpower will depend on whether you do something that you don't really want to do.
    If you are arrested in a dream, it is a sign that you feel that nobody is listening to you or accepting what you have to say. It seems to you that you live in confinement and your cry for help is not heard by anyone. In another sense, a dream may indicate that the actions you take will not be entirely fair.
    If you dream that you are a policeman who will arrest someone, it means that for some reason you feel depressed or useless, perhaps you are unnecessarily forcing others to perform the tasks entrusted to you.
    If you see someone arrested, then the dream is a warning to watch out for false friends.
    When you are responsible for arresting someone, it is a sign that no one will succumb to the delusions you wish to create around you.
    A criminal arrested in a dream sends a message to stop for a while and evaluate your way of life and think about how you should treat people who mean a lot to you. If it turns out that your behavior is not worthy of praise, you may eventually find that close people are removed from your life forever.
    Escape from arrest usually foreshadows good luck. You will succeed in all the endeavors in which you take part, you will be able to resolve certain conflicts, and you will find the peace that you have longed for so much.

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