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    A embrace is a warning against naive belief in insincere tales or disturbing events to come.
    to see - be careful not to be fooled by a man who wants to control you
    embrace yourself - you think too high of yourself
    embrace a stranger - you need to show more love to a loved one, otherwise you will distance yourself very much
    embrace your partner - in a difficult situation you will lack the closeness of an important person in your life
    to embrace a rival - a dream reflects your willingness to take up a job that will give you adrenaline
    embrace someone from your family - a dream may warn against deception
    to cheer someone up - you will try to cleanse your relationship with someone
    to embrace a friend - sleep warn and us against cheating
    embrace an elderly person - an announcement of illness in the family
    embrace a person who has recently died - you are ready to close some chapter of your life for good
    embrace your pet - show somebody your compassion
    strong hug - try to be less harsh towards people who show their kindness to you every time.

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