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    A dowry in a dream indicates a willingness to start a new relationship or a readiness to start a family. In addition, a dream may also indicate making new acquaintances.
    if you get a dowry - your relationship will finally start to bloom
    when you give it to someone - you want to move on to the next stage in your relationship
    giving up your dowry - for the sake of your significant other, you will be able to give up what is very precious to you
    donate your dowry - show someone too many feelings can be dangerous for you
    when you envy a dowry - you will start to feel extreme emotions towards a certain person
    if you are satisfied with it - you are ready to spend the rest of your life with your partner
    if you are dissatisfied with them - you will start to value material goods more than good relations with loved ones e
    short - you live by delusions, instead of dreaming of a Hollywood happy ending, start enjoying what you have
    substantial - you are very happy with your family relationships
    keeping him hidden - you hide your feelings towards a certain person.

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