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Electric socket in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

An electric socket is interpreted in dream books as a harbinger of a pleasant event and joyful moments spent with friends. Dreaming about an electric socket can also reflect the search for a golden mean in life, a balance between work, family and entertainment. In other words, a power outlet can mean you are losing control of your emotions. It is possible that you are trying too hard to convince someone of your arguments or trying to impose your views on them.

What does the dream about an electric socket mean?

Seeing an electrical socket in your sleep indicates your nervousness. Perhaps something is constantly upsetting you and you are now trying to find a way to get back on track in life.

If in a dream you connect some equipment to an electrical outlet, such a dream may mean that you are looking for additional motivation and energy to complete the action you have started in your waking life. Perhaps it is worth setting an easy-to-achieve goal and setting an appropriate reward for it.

Sparking from an electrical socket is a sign that you are feeling exhausted or used up. You let certain people drain your energy, instead of freeing yourself from them once and for all.

A broken electric socket in a dream indicates the need to repair a relationship with a certain person in your close environment. Don't let unnecessary tensions escalate and disrupt a long-lasting relationship.

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