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    The ark in a dream is a symbol of life and survival as well as a sign of rebirth and a coherent whole. It symbolizes the desire to build a house for yourself and your family, which is designed to protect the household against all forces of nature. Sleep is a sign of unity and a symbol of security in the midst of great dangers. The Ark can also mean that you have a need to be in a safe environment. This is a good time to pause for a while, hide from the world, and understand what you really need.
    If you see the ark in a dream, there will be some very good opportunities in your life that you will only take advantage of when you become more confident. Sleep is also a sign of a desire to protect something very valuable from the world.
    Building an ark in a dream tells you that you will accomplish great things in your life with people on your shoulders who will distrust you and curse you.
    Noah's Ark in a dream is a sign that you are constantly worried about the survival and future of your own family.
    When in a dream he invites others to the ark, it is a sign that you will begin to follow your own instincts and develop the idea of ​​ensuring a better life for your own family.
    A dark ark in a dream is an announcement that a certain person with whom you feel safe will make you feel good in stressful moments.
    If the ark is damaged it is a sign to avoid painful emotions and social events that can make you feel very overwhelmed.
    If you see several of them in a dream, then you will meet a person who will notice your skills and appreciate your value as a person.
    If you dream that you did not manage to get to the ark during the flood, it is a sign that through a small misunderstanding you will turn your back on your family and friends, the people who have supported you so far will now become complete strangers to you.

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