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    Elbows in a dream mean that with a little luck you will spread your wings. The dream interpretation emphasizes that everything will change in your life, there will be more surprises that can cause you a lot of personal trouble. Open up to new acquaintances and start working on your own, after all, you have nothing to lose.
    When you see your elbow in the dream book, it is a sign not to postpone important matters for later, the key to everything may be to calmly observe the events and maintain diplomatic silence.
    If you see someone's elbow, it is a sign that in a certain situation you will not use all your skills, you will focus on less urgent matters, while important occasions may pass your nose.
    Pushing your elbows out means you will either start competing for someone else's favor or get involved unnecessarily in things that you do not understand at all.
    Showing your elbows means that you will become the object of mockery and jokes through lack of knowledge and knowledge. However, if you reflect in time, your situation will change and you will breathe a sigh of relief.
    If you keep your elbows close, tight to you, e.g. in a car, plane or at the table, such a dream may mean that you feel limited in some way. You will understand a certain matter that has recently started to interest you. Soon, however, you will find out what really squeaks in the grass.
    Painful or bloodstained elbows are a sign that you need to take care of yourself. A bit of peace and rest will do you good. Teamwork can now relieve you from health, it is worth remembering that excess independence is not necessarily welcome now.
    A dirty elbow means that a quick deal will pass your nose. Postponing necessary changes and reforms can make you pay dearly for inaction and decisions.

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