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    Meditation in a dream is a symbol of relaxation for the soul, inner rebirth and concentration. By keeping a distance from the world and gathering adequate energy you will find peace that you would not even know before you have been dreaming. You will also be able to solve many issues that have caused many struggles in your life.
    meditate yourself - a certain person will add shine to your life, you will find inner strength and power that will help you win the fight for your
    see people meditating - you live in a hustle and bustle that does not allow you to completely calm down and rest, the constant struggle in your life can be the cause of exhaustion vitality
    be on a meditation course - you will follow the example of others and start making your own life, finally you will free yourself from oppression and nostalgia
    meditate in a foreign country - you need to focus on what is important to c Heaven here and now, postponing everything for later can have unpleasant consequences
    meditation in the bosom of nature - it means regaining inner harmony and peace in everyday existence.

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