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    The dream about earth means seeking life stabilization. Very often it is also a very negative omen.
    see - you have to go down to the ground and finally start looking at the world for real
    dig something out of it - you will change the direction in life for the better
    dry, burned out the sun the earth - faithful friends will bring you a lot of happiness in life
    sit on the ground - unstable life situation will hinder your relationship with your family
    lie on the ground - you will face numerous unpleasantness
    lie on it and feel cold - you should take better care of your health because sleep warns you of an impending illness
    fertile and fertile - it bodes general joy and satisfaction with life
    to grow it - your hard work will prove very fruitful
    eat the earth - you miss ki times but everything seemed much easier in life
    buy it - you will finally find yourself on stable ground
    come out of the ground - draw from your own experiences and experiences you will discover the key to your happiness
    dig the ground - a dream is a call to better understand your needs or learn from past experiences
    < dig in the ground and find the coffin - dream means returning to the past; you should finally close unfinished business
    plant plants in it - you will try to coax someone down
    the core of the earth - you will start suppressing yourself with enormous amounts of anger and anger
    earthquake - the dream admonishes you not to make too radical changes in your life, alternatively it is a warning of great danger
    to see rocky or barren - means failure in actions taken or unsuccessful ventures
    black - sleep foretells sadness and trouble, also possible mourning
    yellow earth - you have extremely devoted friends
    barren - a dream augurs misfortune
    covered with dung - a successful turn of events will make your your fate will change for the better
    overgrown with moss - substantial profits and honors waiting for you
    a wild earth - you will experience a big disappointment in your life
    beautifully and equally overgrown - happiness will come into your home.

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