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Commodity in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Goods in dreams are a sign of being overloaded or overwhelmed with everyday life.
    selling the goods - you better start saving because unforeseen additional expenses await you
    buying goods - means a positive dream portending wealth
    packing goods - the venture will fail on which you counted a lot
    expensive goods - a warning to watch out for minor trips that may lead to an unexpected fall
    goods transported by train - is a positive harbinger of development
    ordering goods online - indicates a comfortable life without unnecessary overload
    goods, who did not arrive - means that someone who is against you will put your foot down on the home straight
    if you take the goods - you will get rid of unnecessary ballast that pulled you down
    if you segregate or put out the goods - is a message that it is high time to give way to others
    incomplete commodity - your negative habits will distance you from achieving good goals
    large amount of commodity - you will realize the barrier that separates you from others.

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