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Belt in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Belt as a dream motif indicates a limited flow of life energy or a moral problem. It can also symbolize punishment and discipline. It is also a strong sexual symbol in both women as well as in men.
    to see him - someone will significantly limit your freedom
    find - you have been trying to win the respect of a certain person for a long time, over time you will manage to get it
    wear - you will meet your soul mate
    give someone a belt - you will become the object of envy
    get a belt - you will manage to win the heart of a person you have been wanting for a long time
    to lose - you will not make it in time with an important task
    fasten it - your actions will prove fruitless
    try to suffocate yourself with it - you will pass by some important matter indifferently
    damaged - bad sign, misfortune symbol
    old - you will do a job that will not bring you the expected effect
    fashionable - a newly met person will want to lead you astray
    unfashionable - you will become the object of huge criticism
    too loose belt - you find happiness in your love relationship
    too tight - a dream is a harbinger of a weakening of the relationship with a friend
    decorated belt - you will get a great fortune
    light blue - you will start to idealize your behavior a certain person for whom you feel great affection
    black belt - you will conquer your enemies
    golden - a dream is a harbinger of a dynamic bloom of feelings
    gold-plated - a dream heralds a new relationship or maybe even a wedding.

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