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    An earring in a dream is a sign that we want to attract the attention of others or we want to be recognizable in some way.
    see the earrings - you will soon meet someone who will impress you a lot
    wear - listen more carefully and pay attention to what others want to tell you
    see someone else - you should listen to your inner voice better because they have something important to tell you
    broken or broken - someone constantly about you says
    buy - a warning against vanity; in a dream of men - beware of a fleeting romance, it can become your personal tragedy; in a dream of women - a warning against indulging in excessively social relationships
    decorative earrings - you want acceptance and love but you will have to wait for them yet
    try on - you will be deceived by short-lived ob ietnice
    take off your earrings - portends suffering because a person close to your heart does not see you
    lose the earring - dream portends financial problems to come
    get from someone - you will appear in a certain company without major obstacles
    find an earring - announcement of profits and profits that will raise you in the spirit
    pearl earrings - you will get wise advice that you should implement immediately
    crystal earrings - you want someone impress, but you will be hard at work because it will not be as easy as you think
    silver earrings - they reflect your commitment to finding a way to be noticed.

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