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Convict in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The appearance of a convict in a dream is a very bad sign. A dream is an expression of guilt for the committed actions and the willingness to absolve them. We cannot always repair the harm done to someone. The past cannot be undone, but you can always try to redress your old behavior.
    see a convict - you live on the poverty line, which you will bring on yourself
    be a convict - your insane acts will make you the object of mockery
    will be unfairly condemned - you will be harmed to some extent by your powerful enemies
    talk to the convict - despite many adversities you will not lose your fighting spirit
    pardon the condemned - you will be deceived by a high-ranking man
    if a woman dreams that her lover is dressed in a convict - in every dream dku it means that she doubts the sincerity of his feelings.

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