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    Duck is a positive sign of good news and moments of joy and happiness as well as intelligence and innate wisdom.
    dreaming - a symbol of spiritual freedom
    white - you will be accused of lying or even cheating
    double-headed - you need to think carefully about some emotional problem
    flying - you have a need to manifest your own freedom
    sitting duck - in you are ready to attack at any time
    wild ducks - someone will use you tricky for their purpose
    floating - some thing really makes you will surprise you
    floating in dark, cloudy water - it is possible that your reputation is at risk
    diving - in a difficult situation you will be able to count only on yourself
    nibble - quarrels and disputes in the immediate vicinity
    catch - your plans will finally come to fruition
    to be chased by a duck - you are doomed to success, even if you do nothing, he will come anyway
    duck hunting - the success you expect will exceed your wildest expectations
    shoot the duck - someone will stick their nose into your affairs
    feed her - when there are offers, remember that sometimes it is worth taking something that seemingly unattractive
    eat - you will achieve a state of general satisfaction
    baked - you will start spending more time with your loved ones.

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