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    A general symbol of happiness and prosperity, often admonishing that we should not be too greedy because we may lose ourselves and lose what is for really precious to us.
    see droppings - your general life situation will improve
    fall into droppings - you will face undeserved unpleasantness
    to get dirty with droppings - you suppress your hidden regret towards someone you care about
    to be thrown with droppings - the announcement of the unexpected happy events in your life
    clean up the droppings - your good and honest work will be recognized
    spread droppings in the field - meaning will improve your financial situation is getting worse
    unload it - someone will impose additional duties on you
    throw it with a pitchfork - your work will turn out to be fruitless
    transfer the droppings to the wheelbarrow - you succumb to your pedantry too often
    avoid the smell of droppings - you do not want to take on a certain task, you think it offends your dignity
    a small amount of droppings - sleep is often associated with financial problems.

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