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    The dream of the driver is a message to be reasonable in every day life decisions.
    if you can see him - you do not want to know what awaits you in life or you do not want to face certain problems, maybe you are just worried about your own future
    if the driver is driving the vehicle and cannot see the road ahead - it means that you do not know where your life is going and what you really want to achieve, think maybe you just miss a specific direction and goal
    when you see it at night - you will encounter problems on the way to your goals
    if it is driving on a winding road - you will have trouble accepting the changes that will soon take place in your life, although fate may sometimes turn out to be very contradictory, this time it will all end well
    when driving on snow - you should be very o cautious in your approach to various types of problems
    when traveling with other passengers - you will stop controlling your own life and start following the goals of others
    if drives without a driving license - someone will mislead you and you will think that you have power or full control over everything
    bus driver - finally start taking your own independent decisions
    drunk driver - a sign that a certain person will dominate you and your life will get out of hand
    taxi driver - a dream foretells limited development opportunities
    a tram driver - it sends a message that any action will only make sense in a group, not alone
    car driver - a sign that you will become independent from others
    when driving in reverse - then the dream portends no success in achieving your goals and desires
    ambulance driver - means that in a certain situation you will put the needs of others before your own
    if driving fast - you should slow down and rethink your life choices
    professional driver - the higher you climb to the top, the harder it will be to stay there
    rally driver - maintaining your leadership position will require hard work from you.

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