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Oleander in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

According to Greek myths, Oleander in a dream is associated with charm and romance. It was once said that the origin of the name oleander comes from a young man whose enthusiasm for his Lady of Love ended in a tragedy. The oleander dream therefore reminds us of caution in the complex language of love.

Oleander - the meaning of dream:

The view of an oleander reminds the dreamer of the key values ​​in his life, in a negative sense it can foretell illness.

The dream of blooming oleanders suggests that your strategy of not interfering with other people's affairs will backfire, unfortunately, this time in a difficult matter you will play the role of a mediator or mediator.

If you dream that you are smelling oleander, it is a sign that you will lose touch with a friend you have not seen in many years. After the meeting, however, you will find that the differences between you at all levels of life have only increased. Therefore, mutual contact may be counterproductive.

Withered oleander in a dream means that by direct contact with a loved one, you will limit your versatility over time or lose your vitality and enthusiasm for work.

According to the dream book, picking oleanders is associated with changes in the dreamer's everyday life. Over time, you will have a chance to be free from your long-term affliction. You will not have to answer stupid questions anymore, when making important decisions you will finally start to be guided by your own point of view and intuition.

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