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Doorman in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The doorman in a dream portends a difficult period in the dreamer's life, in which there will be numerous difficulties and troubles. It is also possible that you will start to experience many unlucky events in your life. Therefore, you should be more careful in what you do, because your rivals are awake and will gladly take everything you have achieved thanks to your hard work.
    When you dream that you are seeing the doorman, it is a sign that you will start living a much more modest way of life than before. After a while, however, you will get used to the standard you live by.
    If you are a doorman, then the dream is a farewell to the prosperity so far and augurs uncertainty and lack of success in matters related to your work.
    Hiring a doorman in a dream portends the achievement of a certain success, which in all respects will be related to your finances.
    If the doorman loses his job, it is a harbinger of numerous struggles at work that will turn out to be contrary to your life assumptions.
    If you dream of talking to the doorman, then it is a foreshadowing that you will find yourself in an unpleasant situation that will cause you to endure injustice in your life.
    A quarrel with the doorman portends a heavy workload, which over time will become a significant burden for you. The desire to regain your mental health may prove impossible for a while.

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