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    Doors that appear in dreams open up new opportunities and challenges for the person who dreams of them. They foresee the need to accept the problematic situations that will arise in the future. The door in dreams represents hope, great opportunities, and a new beginning. According to the interpretation from the dream book, the door is also a symbol of protection and shelter, hospitality, mystery and change. They are also a symbol of the transition to the next stage in life and the search for new opportunities.

What does it mean to dream about DOOR?

    Entering through the door in dreams is a harbinger of new possibilities, entering a new stage of life or moving to a different level of consciousness.
    An open door signifies a new beginning and a new approach to life, as well as the fact that your wishes may soon come true. It can also mean that you open up to the world, have new ideas and concepts.
    A door that opens inward is an omen of unfulfilled hopes and desires in dreams, and may also mean that you will irretrievably enter a path from which there will be no return to your old life.
    If you dream that you are seeing a door opening to the outside, it is a sign that you will become more open and accessible to other people, in the long run you will find that it will make you do well.
    According to the dream book, opening the wrong door is a sign that you quite accidentally initiate contact with people you don't like. After some time, however, you will find that you will also profit from this situation.
    A closed door in dreams is a sign that you are closing a certain chapter in your life for good. In a negative sense, they can announce that a certain person will deprive you of new opportunities, block your progress or personal development. The closed door dream is also a sign of the end of an important endeavor or professional project.
    Closing doors in your dreams is a sign that you are missing out on a big chance in life.
    According to the dream book, a door closed from the outside is a harbinger that a certain person will have a bad influence on you, which will violate your sense of security and life stability.
    A door locked from the inside in dreams tells you that it will give you a hard lesson from which you should learn for the future.
    If you are unable to close the door in your dream, it is a sign that you are thinking about a change that may be irreversible.
    In dreams, a knock on the door is an announcement of unexpected visits by guests from far away.
    If you dream that you see a light outside the door, it is a sign that you are going to improve your financial situation, you will also acquire completely new knowledge in the field you know.
    If you slam the door in your dream it is a sign that you are hearing gossip about your private life. Fortunately for you, you will decide to ignore them so that they will not affect your future life.
    When someone else slams the door, according to the knowledge from the dream book, you feel that someone is constantly ignoring your actions and plans. This situation will not change until you take more drastic measures and say what you care about openly.
    People walking out of doors testify to dreams of unfulfilled hopes, abandoned projects, and unrealized plans.
    If you dream that there are people at your door that you don't like, it is usually a sign of a continuation of bad habits, fear for your own existence or negative thinking patterns in real life.
    When you walk through the door in a dream and cannot come back, it means that you want to come back to a certain situation, but you are not able to turn back time and change your decisions. Perhaps the future will be more kind to you, and you will get your chance to face the same choice again.
    The golden door in dreams is a very positive omen, a harbinger of new opportunities and extraordinary opportunities in the future.
    Glass doors represent attributes such as luck and fortune, they can also mean that you will soon see something that you have not been able to see with the naked eye for a long time.
    In dreams, squeaky doors are a harbinger of life's bad luck and an unsuccessful fight with enemies. These types of dreams can also portend an unpleasant meeting.
    The entrance door, according to the dream book, testifies to the fact that you will start an important stage in your life, the dream also proposes harmony in your relationship.
    Broken doors appearing in dreams are most often associated with missed opportunities and life blockages. Dream also means that you will try to achieve goals that are currently beyond your reach.
    The dented door indicates the dreamer's spiritual awakening, and may also be an announcement that someone will undermine your ego.
    Blocked doors in dreams show that you close yourself to others, you do not want to reveal your own feelings to the world. Such a dream is also a sign of fear or an expression of low self-esteem.
    Painting or varnishing the door according to the dream book should be interpreted differently depending on its color. The light colors of the door herald that you will start to enjoy the respect of other people, while the dark ones mean that you will have a problem with accepting people around you.

Interpretation of the dream about the door in other cultures and dream books:

    In oriental cultures, doors are associated with home and family, they also portend changes related to important events in the professional career or in subsequent phases of the dreamer's life.

What is the meaning of different door colors in dreams?

    White doors are a symbol of female power, innocence and purity, testify to the dreamer's honest approach to many important areas of life. Usually, they prophesy to find inner peace, they are also a gate to the deepest emotions as well as childhood fantasies and dreams.
    In the ancient dream tradition, black doors symbolize the difficulties and obstacles that appear on the dreamer's life path. A dream can also be an announcement that in a certain contentious matter you will apply the optimal solution to the problems that will appear on your way to the goal.
    The red door in the dream book is described as a sign of coldness. They also testify to the desire to attract the attention of the environment as well as hiding cold feelings or aggression.
    The blue door announces the transition period in the dreamer's life. They testify to the desire to leave the current place of residence for life. The blue color in a dream generally symbolizes the sky, peace, truth, intuition and ocean, and all the attributes associated with them.

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