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    The door in a dream symbolizes the transition to the next stage in life and the search for new opportunities; it is also a sexual symbol.
    enter through the door - an announcement of new possibilities, a new stage in life or a transition to a different level of consciousness
    see the door opening out - be more open and available to others and you'll do well with it
    knock on the door - unexpected visit
    door opening inwards - unfulfilled hopes and desires
    see the open door - you open up to the world, you have new ideas and concepts
    open the wrong door - you initiate contact with people, you do not like
    to see the light outside the door - you are going to improve your financial situation and you want to acquire new knowledge in some field
    closed or blocked door - someone deprives you of new opportunities, blocks your progress and development; a dream also symbolizes the end of an important stage in life
    closing - you will miss a great chance in life
    door closed from the outside - someone has a negative influence on you that violates your sense of security and stability
    doors locked from the inside - life gives you hard lessons from which you should learn
    close or block the door - you close yourself off from others, you don't want to reveal your own feelings to the world; perhaps a dream is a sign of fear or an expression of low self-esteem
    unable to close the door - you are thinking about a change that seems irreversible
    creaking door - announcement of an unpleasant meeting
    see someone slam the door - you feel that your actions will be ignored by someone
    people walking out the door - unfulfilled hopes
    unwanted people want to enter or stand at your door - a sign of bad habits, fear or negative thinking
    go through the door and not be able to come back - you want to come back to a certain situation, but you are not able to turn back time and change your decisions
    golden door - it will open big opportunities ahead of you.

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