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    Dream about dice symbolize a firm attitude, determination and courage to take risks, they testify to putting oneself in the hands of fate. They are an expression of organized life and a harbinger of happiness. You will probably be successful in the near future.
    bone view - means that in the near future you will experience enormous financial gain
    if you play dice - take some risk and win with your fate
    lots of dices - means that you will use your knowledge in the right way
    dice game - a sign that you treated important matters little seriously in your time, you often took risks, to which you should have a completely different attitude, you will risk your assets
    throwing dice into the game - announces that someone in your family will have problems
    throwing dice with with the right combination of numbers - a dream bodes momentary happiness
    big dice - finally you will understand that things are not settled yet and you can always do something to finally win
    bones in your pocket - you will avoid any troubles that come your way
    if you throw a one or six - the power of chance may be much bigger than your own
    colored dice - time will show that you will bet on an adventure in your life
    double dice - they can relate to risky and uncertain moves in life
    one die - represents valuable friends
    a game win - may herald getting rid of of illusions and increasing uncertainty
    gambler dreaming of a game of dice - means that you should take a momentary break from your turbulent life because soon there may be in trouble.

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