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Doll in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about a doll can symbolize hidden desires, dreams and goals that we wish to achieve in our lives. Sometimes it also represents what is artificial and false or contrary to In addition, the doll can also reflect disappointment in life.
    see - a dream symbolizes childhood innocence and carefree play, perhaps you miss the good of your past
    to see someone turned into a doll - you will start to waste money left and right
    alive - you will have a desire to escape from your current problems and responsibilities
    many dolls - you have an immature attitude towards the opposite sex or you cannot properly communicate with other people
    play with dolls - someone will unpleasant for you
    talking doll - the dream reflects your desire to be someone else or to escape from the current problems and responsibilities
    talk to the doll - you should beware of expressing bold opinions in public
    doll collection - it's time to avoid family feuds.

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