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Smurfs in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The smurfs in a dream are an expression of optimism, love for the world and a happy life despite the danger around them. They are a symbol of community, magic, closeness and solidarity. A dream is a message that living in a small community can be very interesting and has its advantages, because everyone plays an important role in it, presenting their individual characteristics and skills.
    If you are dreaming about Brainy Smurf or Clumsy Smurf, it is a sign that someone very cunning will surprise you with his attack, you will be terrified for some time, but later you will realize that the devil is not as scary as he is painted.
    Papa Smurf is a sign that you will cross the mysterious barrier that has always separated you from the realization of your important plans, you will free yourself from the rule of a certain weirdo and start a truly extraordinary adventure in your life.
    If you dream about Smurfette, it is a sign that you will focus on your beauty and show in some aspects an extremely narcissistic approach to life.
    Greedy Smurf announces that you will set off to visit very interesting places in the world, your curiosity will be aroused above all by those places that will inspire you to continue your work. You will also experience many culinary experiences.
    A Grouchy Smurf in a dream is a sign that someone will sweep an opportunity from under your nose that has been at your fingertips for a long time.
    A dream of a Poet Smurf is a sign that you will unexpectedly receive help from someone else.
    Chef Smurf in dreams is a sign that although you will be looking for a quiet place to work creatively, you will not find inspiration anywhere.
    When you dream of Hefty Smurf, it means that you are losing the path that you have followed all your life, but nevertheless unexpectedly you will manage to achieve your goal.
    The dream of Azrael portends that someone will be constantly controlling you, but fortunately you will manage to get away from responsibility for the evil deeds of a certain man in time. You will spoil his cunning plan to drag you into an unnecessary avalanche of many uninteresting events.
    In a dream, Gargamel announces that someone will set a trap for you, but fortunately you will quickly find out what is going on and you will not be lured.
    Bigmouth is a sign that you will be confused because you will not be able to part with a friend who turns away from you in an important moment.

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