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    The dream of divorce is common among people who have doubts about their own feelings and desires in a relationship. It's time to change old habits and set your own priorities. Sleep is most often seen in the face of fear of losing a loved one through your own fault, it can also mean a fear of loneliness Divorce in a dream can also reflect real events It symbolizes a transition phase which is only a certain stage in our life. in the past you made a mistake or made the wrong decision.
    own divorce - bodes well for a long and happy future with your loved one
    someone else's divorce - be a faithful spouse for your partner and in the future you will receive a reward in the form of joint achievements
    divorce (for a married person) - you do not follow your other half as sometime, maybe this is due to routine, but this matter will require more attention and commitment from you
    divorce (for cohabiting people) - the dream should be treated as a positive omen that testifies to mutual love and respect in a relationship
    if a single person dreams of a divorce - you are not sure of your own feelings and actions, you have doubts about the decisions you make, better define what you really want achieve in life and start doing everything that can bring you closer to your goal
    divorce of parents - there will be conflicts in your life that are difficult to resolve and that you will have to face.

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