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    A dream donation is usually an expression of longing for the legacy that we are waiting for in our lives, and is a sign of waiting for what is to come in the near future. Sleep can also be associated with real events that take place in the dreamer's life.
    receiving a donation - indicates an improvement in the financial condition, which until now was rather in poor condition
    passing it on to someone - means that you will soon get rid of the problem that has long been your nightmare
    refusing to accept a donation - is a sign of fear of confrontation with the enemy
    if you are waiting for it - your main goal in life will be waiting for someone else's inheritance
    a small donation - someone seemingly poor will turn out to be very generous towards you
    a substantial donation - you will quickly reach the heights of sp social that you've never dreamed of
    donation from loved ones - a sign that you can count on financial support from people who care about you
    getting it from a stranger - means that someone who supports you very much will trust you regardless of your faults
    if you transfer it to someone's bank account - it is a sign that you should check all ambiguities in matters that will concern you
    unfairly received - it may mean that you will gain money at someone else's expense and not everyone will be fully satisfied with
    not received on time - you will be late with making an important decision or you will not close a certain decision on time.

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