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    Sleep reflects anxieties about the professional and financial spheres of our life. Material matters are very important to you and you usually feel enormous fear of failing in any way. take into account that a man learns the most from his own mistakes, therefore all failures should be treated as a learning based on their own experiences.
    see them - you will achieve success that will require many sacrifices
    write them - you will start to feel a strong fear of losing your job
    kidnap them - your behavior will attract the attention of those around you
    falsify them - you will succumb to evil persuasion
    deliver your employer - you will feel a great aversion to everyday life
    dismissal at school - plan your future carefully and better not take any hasty steps
    get it from doctor - you will worry for no reason
    be a doctor and write a sick leave - do not get tricked by the trickster
    visit the doctor and forget about dismissal - you face a severe failure in your life.

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