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    Abacus is a symbol of outdated views and unusual point of view.
    if you teach someone to count on an abacus - intense time with a large dose of adrenaline ahead of you
    teaching your child to use an abacus - it means that you will have the satisfaction of sharing your experiences and knowledge with your offspring or with people you care about
    old abacus - is a message that stubborn action in one direction may end with a reason for you to change the tactic once chosen
    buying an abacus - be careful, because you may lose something very important
    constructing an abacus - a sign that although you have not finished important things yet, you want to cut coupons, unfortunately you still have a long one the way to achieve the desired success in life
    incorrect result on the abacus - the last complaint about the lack of savings will turn into an opportunity to increase your current income
    counting on the abacus - suggests that if you do not want to lose your position, do not rest on your laurels, but get to work with impetus
    broken abacus - indicates that you have insufficient data to choose your life path, perhaps the advice of a more experienced person will help you make the final decision.

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