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    Dipper means hunger for happiness and indicates the need to take into account the consequences of one's own behavior.
    dipper view - is a sign of good health.
    eating from a ladle - indicates that someone will treat you very patronizingly
    pouring a ladle - it is a sign that your problems will end soon
    more than one - means that you will have unwanted or uninvited guests at home
    plastic - you will not be satisfied with the results of your own work
    metal - a sign that you envy the happiness of your friend or loved one
    rusty - shows reluctance to establish various types of social contacts
    dirty dipper - shows lack of hospitality and reluctance to organize social meetings
    broken - it is a symbol of worries and losses
    big dipper - it is an announcement that your private affairs will go according to your previous expectations
    small- you will not be able to solve quite complex issues in your life
    holding a ladle in your hand - it is a sign that you are lucky in your hands and that ambition and diligence will help you make progress in life
    rusty - means avoiding direct social contact
    stealing a ladle - means that you will be punished by your family for something that what you haven't actually done.
    ladle in a pot of soup - this is evidence that some of the jobs you are currently doing will not bring you the desired result.

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