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    The sight of the morning dew is a very positive sign that usually announces that the dreamer's future is bright. It symbolizes spiritual renewal and cleansing, you will probably experience it in your life peace and relaxation. The dream of dew is a reflection of the human mind and the state of life. Rosa is essentially water that has gathered during the night and augurs only joyful experiences.
    the sight of dew - maybe predict a successful marriage in the future
    morning dew - it gives hope for greater fulfillment, you will now focus on important points of your life and not only on yourself
    falling dew - means that you will take up the fight to fulfill your life aspirations and dreams
    sparkling dew - a dream gives hope for wonderful days that will soon come
    dew in the sunlight - a dream of wealth and honor, which should serve as a lesson in continuing the effort in everything we do on a daily basis
    little dew drops (more than one) - suggest a good team spirit in the waking life
    dew on the car - is a prediction of better times in the dreamer's life.

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