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Extractor hood in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The extractor hood, according to the dream book, hides inconvenient matters from people who could use them inappropriately. The dream about the eaves is a symbol of secrecy, operating in secret, it can also be associated with the pursuit of modernity and the implementation of various types of amenities. The hood in dreams can also refer to the dreamer's everyday life, in this sense it usually heralds an improvement in the quality of life by purchasing devices with various functions.

What does it mean to dream about EXTRACTOR HOOD?

  • When you see the extractor hood in your dream, it means that you will begin to reap many benefits in your professional life by knowing a certain person. The dream book heralds the end of feuds and disputes and the cleansing of the mutual atmosphere in the closest social circle.
  • If you dream that the extractor hood draws in large amounts of steam, it is a sign that you will absorb the relevant knowledge and gain valuable experience in the field, thanks to which you will sail out to the wide waters.
  • Someone will entrust you with their uncomfortable secrets in the hope that you will leave them only to yourself. If you can prove that you can be trusted, you will receive a generous reward in the future.
  • If you dream that extractor hood is too loud, it is a warning that you will contribute to a dispute that will be caused by a lack of mutual communication and the accumulation of many unexplained matters.
  • A dirty and dusty extractor hood is not the best omen for the dreamer, as it heralds the occurrence of numerous obstacles on the way to the goal, as well as quarrels and an unhealthy atmosphere in the house. Life will become difficult for you and the burden of problems will become more and more overwhelming with time.
  • A broken extractor hood in dreams tells you that you will create an unhealthy atmosphere around you or reveal a high-profile case that should never see the light of day.

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