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Dam in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dam in a dream is a sign of life barriers which on the one hand pave the way to success, and on the other hand protect us from life shocks.
    see the dam - finally you will manage to release your pent-up anger
    broken dam - you will be overwhelmed by negative emotions
    destroy the dam - you will achieve success only through your own efforts
    build the dam - prosperity and spiritual fulfillment await you in life
    see the dam filling up - you will start to wonder about the durability of the foundations on which your life is built
    see many there - you will solve many problems that upset your life balance
    a dam made by beavers - a scandal will appear in your environment who will destroy your positive relationships with other people
    try to jump from it - you don't have the courage to tell some person what's on your heart to someone's face.

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