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Cube in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The cube in a dream represents the planet Earth, it is also a symbol of matter, stability, permanence and truth. We can see the deeper meaning of the cube if we look at the symbolism of the number four or the symbolism of the square. A cube is a unit that creates different kinds of simple matter, and is also seen as a geometric figure with supernatural powers.
    the view of the cube - symbolizes material goods and earthly things
    drawing a cube - it is a sign that thanks to the experience gained and the beaten paths you will refine a project that will ensure a prosperous future
    holding it in your hand - is a message that the basis of your existence will soon become a completely different field in a more spiritual and not material sense, as it was so far
    throwing a cube - it means that you entrust your fate to a man who has no good intentions towards you.

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