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Boss in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A boss appearing in a dream is a symbol of leadership and power. He represents the two opposite sides of his personality, such as self-confidence and assertiveness, and submissiveness and naivety. In a negative aspect the dream of the boss symbolizes life's limitations and lack of freedom, it also heralds the upcoming changes in your professional work. Constant struggle will not bring the expected results, excessive confusion around yourself will not make you the employee of the year. Decisions you will make in the near future will be commendable
    your own - a dream indicates an over-commitment or a complete obsession with work
    to be promoted to the position of boss - be careful that the soda water does not hit your brain, because your streak may turn away from you one day
    to be someone's boss - you deserve recognition and respect from the environment, but the length ugo you will still have to work for them
    former boss or boss - the changes you will make in your life will have a positive effect on your professional work
    be at him during a conversation - don't forgive people who owe you something, why should you keep suffering losses
    quarrel with your boss - unstable existence will destroy your plans for the future
    receive a gift from the boss - you will suffer some harm or suffer severe losses
    give him something - you will be innocently accused of bribery or suspicious layouts.

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