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    A crocodile in a dream signifies freedom, undisclosed strength and power; it is usually a warning of hidden dangers; it also signifies the rational side of our consciousness. the anxiety and fear we feel about losing our job.
    see - someone close to you will give you bad advice or make you make wrong decisions
    see many crocodiles - you will experience a great surprise
    crocodile in a cage - sleep should be treated as a warning against lurking dangers; you better not make rash decisions anytime soon
    crocodile scales - although in fact you know what you should do in some matter, it will be difficult for you to accept it and make the right decision
    kill the crocodile - you will manage to deal with the enemy, even if you have suffered certainty on his part you will be able to repair your losses in a short time
    to be bitten by a crocodile - warning of the danger
    to be chased by him or bitten - means disappointment in love and business.
    eat crocodile meat - you will manage to overcome fear or get out of a dangerous situation unscathed, it is your private triumph that will allow you to look at to the future.

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