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Cover in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The cover in a dream is an announcement of what is to happen in the near future, sometimes it is also a sign of losing touch with one's inner self, as well as an expression of longing for the temptations of life and an expression of the desire to achieve progress in both professional and private matters. Depending on the type of cover and what it depicts, the dream has a slightly different meaning. Cover in a dream shows a desire to hide a secret of life. Think about what you do not want to show in your life and what it has to do with your dream. Answers for this question, try best to search for mysterious objects.
    When you dream of a cardboard cover it is a sign that your friend will cheat on you, so better withdraw from toxic relationships in time because at some point you may face a very difficult choice.
    A dark cover in a dream is an expression of a disturbed balance, aversion to life and a sense of isolation from the outside world. Perhaps certain events make you sad and angry, and your nature tells you that it is best to withdraw from everything you have worked so hard for so far.
    A damaged or dirty cover shows that due to relationships with certain people you will start to feel extreme feelings, which you will slowly stop being able to cope with. You will only achieve greater success if you get rid of your false friends.
    The cover of a book may bode well for successful news, and it is also a sign that it will only be up to you to achieve success that is within your reach.
    The frightening cover portends a taint on your good name, which has so far been recognized by important people.
    If you see your picture on the cover it means that you will focus on the financial side of your life, and you may also feel a lack of faith in achieving spectacular results from your work.
    The dream of burning the cover usually foretells a farewell to the vicissitudes of fate that have been predictable so far, but will change significantly from now on.
    covering something with a cover - a sign that you will receive a valuable message from someone that you want to leave only for yourself
    for a small cover - you will not be able to keep a secret
    too big - maybe you prick your nose in too often, better unlearn it, because you can lose your allies for good
    furniture cover - means that you are probably hiding some embarrassing secret that you are afraid to disclose to your loved ones
    car cover - there are signs fear of going beyond the comfort zone.

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