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Cowshed in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Cowshed in a dream is a symbol of shelter, motherhood and an expression of longing for contact with nature. Perhaps you come back with memories of childhood moments that you associate with the period bliss and well-being. If you spent your childhood in the countryside, you may associate the cowshed with a recurring daily cycle (feeding animals, milking cows, etc.). The values ​​instilled from childhood can now be put to the test of time, you will find out for yourself whether they were justified .
    see the cowshed - after a long period of searching you will meet a friend
    if it is dirty - you will be meekly heading towards your own destruction
    clean and beautiful - you will arrange your life again, without sorrows and unpleasantness
    to see cow dung in the barn - thanks to the timely the decision will benefit you a lot
    see cows or other animals in it - eventually you will benefit from your hard work.

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