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Waggling in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Waggling in dreams is a sign of wanting to connect with other people without creating deep bonds with them. In fact, in many dreams, waving has the same meaning as in reality. A dream can be an expression of a warning, a cry for help, or a goodbye. The waving gesture is generally very eloquent and pleasant symbolism. It proves the willingness to create mutual social relations, establish long-term acquaintances and sometimes also a sense of freedom and recognition by the immediate environment.
    If you dream that you are waggling to warn someone of a danger, it means that you are ready to get involved in social matters or lend a helping hand to someone in need.
    Waggling for goodbye in a dream portends loss or separation, which may be temporary or permanent. Pay attention to the additional circumstances in which the above gesture was made, you will then be able to read what it meant.
    If in a dream you waggling to the waiter, it is a sign that you feel frustrated with unmet life needs. Perhaps something went wrong recently, so think about what you can change and start acting.
    When you waggling because you need help, dream is a warning against making important decisions in life too quickly. Lack of time and living under stress can contribute to a situation in which the choices you make turn out to be ill-considered and not rational.
    Waggling to someone you know usually means that you are trying to gain the approval or recognition of someone you are close to. Remember, however, that sometimes such behavior may not bring the desired results, and sometimes natural behavior is more important than various types of deception.
    If you waggling at a stranger by mistake, then the dream should be associated with a lack of social trust that inhibits your ability to make contacts effectively. Perhaps your shyness still leaves you aloof.

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